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Get the results you've always wanted from your business

Service Business Owners

Your Breakthrough Starts Today

Discover the mindset and tools necessary to build and grow a successful service business. Get laser-focused on only the mission-critical daily tasks required to get results that fulfill your mission.

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If You Tried Everything Already...

You have a ton of vision and a desire to succeed. You love what you do. You are ambitious, motivated and engaged. Your customers absolutely love you and your company and the service you provide.

But you lay in bed at night frustrated that you're barely making a profit. You're stretched so thin that your energy is beginning to fade. You really need to hire some help in order to grow, but can you afford the cost and added responsibility of an employee?

And now it's 1:15 am and you're staring at the ceiling. What to do?

You wonder if this dream you had of owning your own business may ever pan-out the way you expected.

The Next Steps You Take Are Critical To The Success or Failure Of Your Business

Your Business Breakthrough

Success is not a given. In fact it's rare amongst small business entrepreneurs. What you do next could well determine your success or failure.

There IS a way to tip the odds in your favor.

I help new or newly launched local service company entrepreneurs transform their business from struggling start-up to profitable, sustainable, and mission fulfilling business. I do this through a 5 step coaching, mentoring, business transformation experience.

My business transformation mentorship uncovers the core mindset and tools necessary to succeed in business. You will become laser-focused on only the most mission-critical daily tasks required to get the results that fulfill your mission.

I take you step by step through the top 5 competencies absolutely necessary to start, build, grow, sustain and succeed.

  • Mindset

  • Mission

  • People

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Money

Schedule a time on my calendar for a free 45 minute accelerator session. You will experience my service first-hand and gain valuable insight into your business.

If we both agree we're a good fit, then I will explain the mentorship to you in more detail.

Click HERE- Book Free Accelerator Session With Jim

I can help you navigate the next steps in your journey as an entrepreneur.

After starting, profitably growing & operating, then selling 4 local services businesses since 1987, I now have the systematic process you need to experience predictable growth and success.

You will learn:

- MINDSET necessary to become the person who owns a thriving and successful service business.

- Defining your MISSION in the 3 core areas of your life: Relationships, Health, and Wealth Creation

- Your PEOPLE. Developing the leadership and people skills necessary to succeed and grow your people and your business.

- MARKETING and SALES. How to begin marketing your business on a limited budget, and then scaling your business as your budget grows. Develop the sales skills necessary to turn prospects into loyal customers.

- MONEY- how to track and manage cash flow, stay compliant and grow profitably. Developing people first, so that the money will follow.

These critical skills equip and empower you to build a service business that works for you instead of you working for your business.

You can finally succeed in getting the results you've always wanted from your business.

Click HERE- Book Free Accelerator Session With Jim

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